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What You Should Know about Energy as a Service

Today, businesses and organizations are looking for ways to save on their operating costs. One area that has enabled businesses to reduce their operating costs effectively is optimizing energy systems. This is after many organizations realizing that they spend so much on wasted energy. Studies have shown that about thirty percent of energy in commercial buildings goes to waste. However, adopting energy management companiesprograms helps save so much energy costs.

By not optimizing your energy systems, you end up paying high energy costs. However, all kinds of businesses are trying to optimize their energy systems. There is, however, a challenge in doing this for many businesses. Since energy management is not a core competency for many businesses, it becomes overwhelming for many businesses to optimize their energy systems.

Capital investment is, however, one of the challenges for many businesses when it comes to optimizing energy systems. Many businesses are willing to adopt energy-efficient systems but not ready to divert capital to energy efficiency programs. Fortunately, energy efficiency service companies are helping businesses optimize their energy systems without investing any capital. This has been made possible through energy as a service. Know more about energy at

Energy as a service has enabled businesses to make the necessary upgrades without investing precious capital. This involves outsourcing the design, implementation, as well as continuous management from a third party. Partnering with energy management companyexpert will also eliminate the risk and stress of selecting technology, as well as maintenance. Again, implementation timelines are reduced and your business will be free to focus on profit-generating activities.

When you partner with an expert in energy optimization, they provide all the technology required, perform all efficiency upgrades. The energy efficiency company will also undertake constant maintenance, monitoring, upgrades such as installing superior HVAC and LED lighting among others. Therefore, you will concentrate on your business while the energy optimization experts make your business energy efficient.

But how do you pay for it? With energy as a service, you will not have to purchase the assets to benefit from energy savings. However, your energy efficiency company will secure third-party funding where the funding partner pays for the assets and caters for the implementation costs. Therefore, the funding partner will own the assets since they finance the program.

Customers will not incur any capital expense. However, the customer’s energy savings will be calculated based-on verification and measurement protocols that is agreed-upon. Part of the savings will, however, be charged back every month as your operational expense.

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